Apple’s New TV Streaming Service Delayed again, But Will We Still See New Hardware?

Apple’s September 9th event is just around the corner, and the Apple TV is the item of interest it seems. Now there are some delays with their expected TV streaming service. We think it’s due to the simple fact that they can’t get all the deals in order with the cable company’s. But don’t be sad, we are still going to see new hardware for the set top box.

On to other news… The iPhone 6s and 6s plus are going to be relieved at this next event as well, with the big feature being force touch. We have heard a lot of rumors of what they will actually use it for, but a recent report comes from 9 to 5 Mac saying apple will use it for short cuts. For example on the home screen force touch on the display and get the option to move apps around, as opposed to holding down on the app for a few seconds.

And sticking to iphone 6s and 6s plus rumors we have heard reports of a new color possibly pink, and maybe a rose gold. The new phones will be getting a new isight camera. Currently they have an 8mp camera, it may be going to a 12mp.

Well i pad pro rumors are still running strong. The new plus sized i pad is rumored to be talked about at this event with a release date early next year. The current iPad airs have a 9.7 inch screen but the iPad pro will have a 12.7 or 13 inch screen size with a built in pen aimed for the business markets.

Check out my youtube for the video version of this



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